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I'm a visual artist. Obsessed by details, with a sense for composition and imagination. I grew up and live in Olomouc, in the middle of Moravia in the Czech Republic. Historical sites around me helped me to form my point of view on art. My sense for composition is influenced by my father, a photographer.

Secondary school of applied art in Uherské Hradiště shaped my manual skills in shoe design and drawing skills in graphic design. I continued with my studies at University of Tomas Bata in Zlín that helped to develop my skills in classical and digital animation, video editing, post-production and taught me even more about art.

Passion for films inspires me to achieve specific tasks in my works. Films can tell one story in unlimited ways.

For now, I have experience of teamwork in independent developer studio as a graphic designer and art director. I have also experience with web design and graphic design.

Since 2015 I have been a freelancer as visual artist (© tobiaskucera.art). Freelancing mainly leads me to video production and documentary photography.

I'm inspired by my everyday family life . Interested in sacred choral music, jazz, IT, PC and board games.
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