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Rational propaganda uses logic and facts. However, facts are chosen in order to support the views of the person who is trying to convince others. Unsuitable facts are suppressed or ignored. Centralized communication platforms therefore serve as loud-hailers to the profit of lobbyist groups.
Due to the increasing consumerism of media we easily surrender to the illusion of the world being exactly like it is presented by the virtual source. If the information comes from a reliable, respected or prestigious resource, either a person or some sort of media, the chance of the public being convinced rapidly increases. We forget that the primary purpose of media is not to merely inform people. It offers sensation, which is supposed to bring up emotions and keep our attention to the source for as long as possible, so we would often return to the source.
Propaganda skillfully uses pictures, symbols, or slogans to play on perceivers´ emotions and prejudices. It is a specific type of communication, which purpose is to pass certain views or opinions on the accepters in a way that makes the public accept the views and opinions as their own.
If society is fed by fear, lack of safety, economic uncertainty, global catastrophic scenarios etc. it becomes prone to succumb to the propaganda more easily. Concerns about health and safety, which are used for excusing restraining the freedom of people, segregation and discrimination, surveillance of society and free market regulation, are especially effective.
Let’s not get manipulated by sensations, so we would not lose the ability to confront the received information with the everyday reality.
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